Lesson Plan Ideas  

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These ideas or lessons can be duplicated. These are just some suggestions on how you might implement these tutorials in the classroom. They may be used formally with a classroom of students or on an individual basis.  

These tutorials will allow students to explore how a PDA works and can be used in a classroom. It explains how and when to use a number of programs. It can be taught in any order or at any level.   

Lesson Plan

Grade Level: 4-12~Skills needed are low so that all levels can master the PDA and its functions.  Sessions~ 1 hour to 1.5 hour sessions for each large topic (see Home ] page for large topics.) 


Students will know all the functions of each program on their Pocket PC. 
Students will learn how to download & install auxiliary software to their Pocket PC.
 Students will confidently be able to create and save documents on the Pocket PC.  
Students will learn how to use the infrared technology to receive and send data. 
Students will learn how to manage their Pocket PCs.
Students will learn how to share data between a desktop computer and a Pocket PC.
Students will know how to use electronic text. 
Students will know how to create size appropriate audio files to listen to on their Pocket PC.
Core Content
Reading~ Informational Reading includes whole texts and excerpts from materials such as journals, magazines, newspaper articles, letters, brochures, reference materials, essays, nonfiction books, and electronic texts.

RD-M-2.0.11 Use text features (e.g., lists, charts, graphs, tables of contents, indexes, glossaries, captions, diagrams, headings) to understand a passage.

RD-M-2.0.12    Apply knowledge of organizational patterns (e.g., cause and effect, comparison, contrast,  sequence) to understand a passage.

RD-H-2.0.13 Analyze the content as it applies to studentsí lives and/or real world issues.

Vocational Studies~ 

PL-M-4.4.2 The use of various types of technology (e.g., word processing, Internet access) has increased, continues to change, and has an impact on the workplace.

PL-M-4.4.3 Both individual and team skills (e.g., identify goals, use listening skills, follow directions, communicate orally, ask questions about tasks, use problem-solving skills) contribute to the successful completion of a task.

Technology Standards

T4.4.2 Access and navigate web sites (T4.4.2.1 URL's, T4.4.2.2 Bookmarks, T4.4.2.3 Hyperlinks, T4.4.3 Use Boolean logic)
T5.2 Evaluate information using electronic references
T5.4 Generalize from one operating system or software to another
T6.7 Troubleshoot basic technical problems
T5.6.1 Use pull down menu items including but not limited to:
T6.1 Select appropriate software for a task.
T6.4 Use a Word Processor to present information.
T6.6 Use digital imaging and audio
T6.3 Integrate two or more programs
T3 Use or Present Information/Ethical and Real World Use


Day One
  1. Go through the Using Outlook  tutorials either as a class or individually.  
  2. Have students create an appointment, contact and customize their Today page. 

Day Two

  1. Go Through all the Creating Documents Tutorials either as a class or individually. 
  2. Ask the students to create a Word document for the next day's class explaining what they learned about the Pocket PC today or something easy like that for homework.

Day Three

  1. Go through the Beaming Documents  tutorials either as a class or individually. 
  2. Have the students infrared each other the Word documents they created for homework last night. 
Day Four
  1. Go through the Transferring Documents tutorials either as a class or individually. 
  2. Have the students transfer their two Word documents to their Network drive folder or another directory.  

Day Five

  1. Go through the Using Reader tutorials either as a class or individually. 
  2. Have the students find, save and drag an e-book to their PDA.

Day Six

  1. Go through the Playing Music on your PDA tutorials either as a class or individually.  
  2. Give out CDs and have students create a WMP file and save it to their Pocket PC.