Using Microsoft Reader

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Microsoft Reader is an awesome program. It allows you to read on your PDA in a format that is fit for the screen perfectly. It also allows you to search, bookmark and even annotate e-books. You can even ask for the definition of an unfamiliar words you're reading if you have a dictionary program like Encarta. If you do not have an e-book dictionary go to Encarta Pocket Dictionary. And know that you can also use Reader on you Desktop PC for free too to Download it go to Microsoft Reader.

To open an e-book, follow these steps:
  2. Tap Microsoft Reader to open the library, as showed here. 
  3. Tap a book title to open that book. 

This figure shows that I've opened Macbeth. The title page of each book contains several options you can tap to navigate your way through the book. 
  1. To begin at the beginning, you tap First Page (duh!) 
  2. Tap Most Read  where the Reader keeps track of how far you've read.
  3. Tap Furthest Read to see the last page you viewed. 
  4. Tap Annotations Index which is the place to easy find all your bookmarks and notes. 
  5. Tap Table of Contents to navigate by chapter or scene as in Macbeth.

  1. Tap the left arrow to the far right under the time returns you to the next lower-numbered page. 
  2. Tap the right arrow to the far right under the time to display the next higher-numbered page. 
  3. Tap the down arrow just to the right of the book title pops up a menu. You can use this menu to return to the beginning, open your annotations, view the guidebook, open the library, change view settings or return to the last page you viewed. 

When you are reading an e-book adding bookmarks, highlighting, notes, drawings, find specific words or phrases, copying text and looking up words is easy. For example, let's look up a word. I picked "heath" in my Macbeth book.
  1. Highlight the word you want to look up. It looks up the word.
  2. Tap Add Bookmark from the menu. Notice it adds a colored block on your screen to indicate a bookmark.