Student Pocket PC Quiz

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If you have read all the tutorials these quiz questions are very easy. Just read the questions and mouse-over the part of the PDA that would be the answer. This is probably the easiest quiz you could ever take. If you drag over the wrong answer it tells you also. 

Sorry Sorry! Sorry! Correct!Way2Go!

  1. You are in the lunchroom and remember you need to buy poster board for Mrs. Covington's class for a project that is due. You need to jot down a reminder quickly like on a post-it note. You remember you have your trusty PDA. What program should you use?

Incorrect Incorrect Correct!Great!

  1. You need to do your journals for Mrs. Sorrell. She wants them typed on the PDA. You normally type them on your computer and drag them over to your PDA, but your little brother is typing his portfolio piece on the only computer. You hate the little keyboard  on the PDA. You just remember the PDA will type it for you. If you just want to write it across the screen and the PDA type it for you  which one would you use?

sorry Awesome,URCorrect!

  1. You come in right on time for Mrs. Sorrell's class. We are reading "Dracula" on our PDAs. Which program would that bloody man be in?

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  1. Your were absent yesterday and in Mr. Metcalfe's class you missed a lot of notes. One of your friends took his notes on his PDA. He offered to beam them to you so you do not have to recopy them. What program will you use to get them? 

Groovy!UGotItRight!! WrongAnswer

  1. You go to a basketball game and meet someone you like. He or she wants to give you his or her number so you can set-up a date. You do not have any paper but have a PDA what program could you save his or her number to?