My Dreams for Our Paperless Classroom

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The Wireless Paperless Classroom?

My ultimate dream is that instead of using infrared to receive and send all of our documents we could use send them over a wireless network. This means that sending class hand-out would take seconds. It also means you could access network folders without using desktop computers. We could also surf the internet real time. 

The 802.11b (a.k.a. WiFi) standard is increasingly used in corporate settings applications and the prices are dropping with many new products.

Bluetooth is another wireless standard we could use.  It was originally designed as a replacement for the use of wiring for the purpose of interconnecting electronic modules.  So it is designed with a very short range of under 50 feet.  A new term “PAN” (Personal Area Network) as opposed to a “LAN” (Local Area Network) has been used to describe a Bluetooth network.  This would be well suited for a classroom.

This link has more info. on Wireless Networks:

The Paperless Classroom Uses Tablet PCs

The Tablet PC is the next-generation mobile PC and it is expected to be available in the second half of 2002. The Tablet PC runs a “Windows XP Tablet PC Edition” and offers capabilities similar to that of current laptop computers. In addition, the Tablet PC also offers pen and paper type input capabilities. These devices cost $2000.00 a piece. Their expensive price will keep them out of the classroom for a while. Yet this a device I cannot see business persons wanting. It is bulky, heavy and really does not offer anything less than a laptop. Yet for schools I believe they work better. I am sure we will have to wait & see. Hopefully, someone is already testing Tablets in the classroom.  

This link has more information about the upcoming Tablet PCs: